Stages of the project

The construction of a house always begins with a "pricing". We carefully write down all the stages of work and materials, put costs in front of each item so that we can not forget anything and plan our budget as precisely as possible. Evaluating their "strengths" and opportunities to proceed to design, and getting the drawings counted for sure. Contractors form estimates for projects for repairs and engineering systems. And for even more confidence, in the correctness of our planning, we go to showrooms, building supermarkets and various websites in search of the right materials and when, as we think, we all have taken into account and calculated, with a calm heart we decide to start realizing project.

  • Project and budget
  • Agreement
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Finishing
  • Delivery of the project

Data collection, engineering, design and evaluation of the project.

Our work always begins with an analysis of your needs. We will listen carefully to all wishes for the future project, after that we will analyze all the necessary aspects on the site.

After all the necessary measurements we start drawing the project of the house including design. You will always understand all the structural features of your future home and, thanks to our project department, you will be able to make any adjustments, and as a result, build a house for yourself. Also, our experience will help you avoid the typical mistakes in the construction and design.

At any stage we will provide you with a full report on our actions, information on any aspect of the project, and the process of agreeing the budget will not become incomprehensible and painful for you.

Confirmation of the cost-calculations, the signing of the contract.

After the completion of the design work, we sign the contract. At this stage, all materials and organizational moments have already been fully agreed and approved. We fix and include such items:

1) Detailed specification of materials and works.
2) Terms of performance of works under the contract.
3) We fix and enter into the contract the amount and stages of payments.
4) We also attach and sign project documentation to the contract to the contract.

The most important principle of the company is the timely and high-quality execution of works under the contract. All stages after successful completion are closed by acts of completed work.

Production of all necessary elements of the structure.

After the signing of the contract, the next stage is the production of a house kit. We perform the following works:

1) The specialist of our company prepares the cutting-assembling of the house kit according to the approved documentation.
2) In the production according to the cutting, a house set is made, which includes all load-bearing walls, partitions, interfloor and roof.
3) The connecting bar is prepared.
4) The house kit is completed with all fastening materials and mounting foam.
5) According to the volume of the material, trucks are selected, loading and delivery to the client's site is performed.

Typically, to save time, this process runs in parallel with the foundation work on the customer site.

Installation of the house on the building site

After completing the foundation work and delivery of the housekeeper to the customer's site, we proceed to the installation. For example, the installation of a house box of SIW panels with an area of 100m2 takes about 10 working days. It does not require heavy equipment, installation is carried out by a team of 4-5 people.

Basic stages of installation:

1) Installation of the starting beam under the bearing walls and partitions.
2) Installation of bearing walls and partitions.
3) Installation of interfloor overlappings.
4) Installation of a warm roof from SIP panels.

External and internal decoration, installation of doors, windows and decorative elements.

The house made of self-supporting panels does not shrink, therefore, immediately after the installation of the home set, it is possible to start both external and internal finishing work.

1) Roofing (installation of roofing, filing roof overhangs, installation of drainage system).
2) Glazing is important to perform before the beginning of the facade work.
3) Exterior finish.
4) Internal works.

Restrictions in our homes for the choice of finishing materials, type of heating, as well as engineering networks there. Our company will offer the most optimal options, based on your budget and preferences.

Putting a new house into operation, signing acts and closing the contract.

After the successful completion of all the works, we sign the acceptance certificate and wish our customers a long and happy life in the new house from Ecopan.