Sip panels

Technologies do not stand still and each year new materials appear that make it possible to facilitate and improve the construction process. One of the most popular on the market today is the sip panel, which have been used in the world for a long time already.

Sip panels consist of two moisture-resistant plates, between which is a layer of expanded polystyrene. Sip panel, as shown by numerous tests, absolutely not afraid of fire. Also sip panels, whose price is more than available in Ukraine, are characterized by high strength, economical and ecological characteristics.

Any sip panel made with the right technology has a critically small share of chemical additives.

Any sip panel, made by the right technology, is made up of modern chemical components. This ensures the absence of harmful to human health compounds and vapors during the usage. Production of sip panels is practically non-waste and economically profitable. Sip panels (Kiev) are actively used today in both industrial and residential construction, and for erecting educational and medical institutions.

To buy Sip panels and to use them to erect your private house, all this become more popular among many families, it is the sip panels in Ukraine that have gradually "supplanted" traditional materials (wood and stone).

Sip panels (Ukraine) - advantages of the material

Today, buying sip panels for construction means making a profitable investment in your future. Such material as the sip panel (the price is available to anyone) is characterized by many positive properties.

Sip panels are first of all:

  • Magnificent heat protection (houses made of sip panels are much warmer than buildings made of brick, aerated concrete, wood, especially in cold winter).
  • Excellent savings (houses from sip panels allow you to save on heating several times!).
  • In the designs of sip panels there is a third more useful space, sip panels (the price corresponds to the quality) allow, with the same dimensions of the house from the outside, to get inside a larger space.
  • Sip panels (Kiev price = affordability) guarantee you minimum costs for erecting the house and foundation. To buy sip panels in Ukraine means to speed up the pace of construction as much as possible - the sip panels in Kiev of our production allow us to erect a warm box of the house in a couple of weeks.
  • Houses made of sip panels (the price will pleasantly surprise you) practically do not give shrinkage, you can buy sip panels Kiev, drive out the box and almost immediately begin finishing or even begin to live in it.
  • Sip panel Kiev features low weight – to buy sip panels and to build from them the house – it can be on the simplest screw foundation, which is mounted just a day.
  • To buy Sip panel (Kiev) means to guarantee the ease of assembly of your house, such sip panels (cost is one of the lowest on the market) do not require the usage of special equipment.
  • To buy Sip panel (Kiev) and to build houses from them you can throughout the year (in winter even preferable).
  • To buy Sip panel (Kiev) and to build houses from them you can throughout the year (in winter even preferable).

Where to buy sip panels Ukraine

To buy Sip panel today is quite profitable and prudent. The cost of sip panels is lower than that of competitive materials, and the efficiency is much higher. Today, many people offer to buy sip-panels in Ukraine, but you will receive better conditions only at Ecopan. It is only in the company Ecopan you will find your ideal sip panel, the price and quality of which correspond to the European level!