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If you study the catalog of projects of SIP panels houses, you will see how diverse they can be. Small one-storey country houses, in which, in principle, you can live throughout the year, have a maximum of three rooms. They are very compact, but they are equipped with a large kitchen, a bathroom and ancillary rooms. A small house can be made in high-tech style, if the customer wishes so.

Modern elite houses are most often built with two floors and an attic. If you order a project of an individual apartment house, then we can execute it with a basement floor, attach a garage, include a sauna with a swimming pool in the layout. Two-storey cottages are very popular, with bedrooms on the upper floor, and a large living room and kitchen on the ground floor. Attic is not an obligatory element, but as practice shows, it is often requested.

Ready-made designs of SIP panels cottages, including country houses, can become both the final version accepted for execution, and the first stage in creating your personal space - your own mansion, in which you will live with your family.

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