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Competent and profitable construction of a house from Ecopan. To modern construction, a number of requirements are put forward, among which: economy, good construction speed, ease of design and compliance with existing quality and safety standards. It fully corresponds to the frame-panel construction, which is rapidly developing and is gaining a leading position in the market.



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Own architectural studio

We are not dependent on any non-professionalism of outside contractors. Our architects control the quality of execution of all their projects.

Own production capacities

We produce building materials ourselves and, accordingly, we can guarantee their quality. We do not break the deadlines and are not dependent on other people's supplies of building materials.

Professional construction teams

Our qualified professionals already have a huge experience in frame house projects, successfully work together and are fully responsible for the quality of their work.

We produce and use only materials of the highest European quality standards and environmental performance indicators

The construction of cottages, townhouses, campsites, shops, public buildings, warehouses are the main activities of our company. We offer our clients a wide variety of typical cottage projects, as well as house designs that can be modified in the design process in accordance with the wishes and requirements of customers. In fact, to build a house of your dreams is not so long, difficult and costly. The computer programs we use allow us to realize the boldest ideas.

Our specialists are real professionals in the construction of houses, which is why they undertake the work of any architectural complexity. With every year, the number of clients interested in this type of buildings as a Canadian home is growing. These houses are known as eco-friendly, because for their construction they use SIP panels and other environmentally friendly materials.

We build not only in all regions of Ukraine, but also abroad

One of the best methods of panel construction is Ecopan technology, recognized by thousands of our customers in Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Advantages of frame-panel construction technology include not only the optimal ratio of price and quality, but also:

  • convenient design, providing for the use of computer technology;
  • creation of buildings and architectures of any complexity;
  • operational construction;
  • significant cost savings and labor costs;
  • rational use of materials;
  • reliability and durability of the material and construction;
  • compliance of the used material with all the current world standards of quality and environmental safety;
  • excellent thermal insulation of the premises, due to the use of sandwich panels;
  • good sound insulation of buildings.

Equipment for the production of sandwich panels

In addition to the construction of houses and cottages, our company is engaged in the production and sale of equipment for the manufacture of sandwich panels. We offer production lines for the production of almost any sandwich panel by their purpose and size, the accompanying machines and equipment, and we also modernize equipment from other manufacturers. The presented devices have exceptional technical characteristics, they make the process of manufacturing panels more convenient and less labor-consuming.

To answer all your questions and provide the necessary consultations at any time convenient for you, our specialists are ready, you can refer to them on the specified phones.