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First of all «ECOPAN» is a team of bright individuals and creative personalities, who are professionals in their field. They are united by a common goals and ideas. Thanks to 9 years of competent management, daily work, diligence and proper interaction, our company has become the market leader and the legislator of standards of SIP construction in Ukraine. «ECOPAN» today has its own production facilities, an architectural studio, professional assembly teams and a portfolio of more than 550 completed projects in Ukraine and Europe.

Canadian technology houses

Frame houses are very popular among the Ukrainian people. Modern frame houses are considered the cheapest option for housing comparing to other technologies. At the same time, their cost does not affect the quality and life of the building. Whether it is a dwelling house or an office building, prefabricated frame houses are competitive in durability, quality, safety and comfort comparing to the houses by other technologies.



Prices for frame housing are much lower than prices for bulding by using any other traditional construction technology.


The house does not require a massive foundation, and you can start finishing right after assembling. We guarantee the turnkey construction of the house within 90 days and we fix it in the contract.


Due to its technology, Canadian houses are very warm. In the cold season, they are excellent in keeping warmth and can significantly reduce the cost of house heating.


Only ecologically certified materials and finishes are used for the construction and fit-out of the houses.

Typical house designs:

Офисное одноэтажное здание 54.3 м2

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Дом 180 кв.м.

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Дом 70.88 кв.м

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Дом 49.28 кв.м.

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Гостевой домик 55 кв.м.

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Дом в г. Буча 150 кв.м.

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Коттедж 105 кв.м.

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Коттедж 97 кв.м.

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Дачный дом 52.91 кв.м.

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Модульные дома

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Одноэтажный дом 60.4 кв.м.

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Двухквартирный дом

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Дом 267 кв.м.

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Дом 161.95 кв.м.

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Усадебный дом 128 кв.м.

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  • Warranty period - 15 years

    If you order a house for finishing

  • Individual project of a house

    The own creative architectural studio of the company will develop a project of any complexity level and for every taste

  • The best value without hidden payments

    We offer the honest price for any project you like, without «unforeseen» increases in the budget in the process of construction and finishing.

  • High-quality equipment and materials

    The official partner of the Austrian company Egger, own production. We use exclusively European certified materials: OSB Egger (Austria), polystyrene Neopor, TM Basf (Germany)

  • Benefit in operating our houses

    Our houses have the highest energy efficiency characteristics. At the stage of designing of your house we will calculate for you the potential costs of a house maintenance.

  • Gift

    With us you will always receive more, because we always have promotions and bonuses for all Clients

  • We break stereotypes about construction

    Working with us, You will learn from your own experience that construction is a pleasant stage in your life.